As agents of social transformation, we promote solidarity and equal opportunity, aspiring to excellence.

To increase and reinforce the work we have been developing, we are members of the Social Volunteer Network of Salamanca,, as well as the Salamanca Association of NGODs.
In order to expand our proposals scope, we collaborate closely with the Social Affairs Service of the University of Salamanca, with the Volunteering Service of the Pontifical University of Salamanca and with the Municipal Agency of Volunteering of the City Council of Salamanca.
To broaden horizons getting to know other realities, we are an Organization for Welcoming, Dispatching and Coordination of Projects and European Volunteering Services.

With respect, sensitivity and support for local autonomy, we carry out a development cooperation program in the south of Morocco alongside our partner association, the Amalou Association of Sidi-Ifni.
If what you are reading appeals to you, if you have the time and wish to do so, you can help us to build a world a little better than we have found it by actively participating, as a volunteer, in the different programs that are carried out at the Casa Escuela Santiago Uno.
Thanking you in advance for the time you are devoting us, we provide a list of the different activities that you could perform in our organisation, if you need more information regarding any aspect of any of them, do not hesitate to contact us via email:

  • School Monitoring: because education is fundamental and necessary to compensate the most disadvantaged, do your bit by supporting individual or group study-time, in Primary School, Secondary School, and Vocational Training (basic, intermediate and advanced level courses)

  • New-readers: mastering the written word is necessary to improve interpersonal relationships, share your hobby and help build a society with more and better resources through literacy.

  • “Santiaguer@s Radio”: help convey the ideas and thoughts of young people empowering their voice.

  • “Ruiseñor”: with kind words and appropriate companionship, we prevent drug dependency problems, eliminate risks of social exclusion and promote a healthy life-style, managing quality leisure and free time. Experience it for yourself by being a mentor to one of our young people.

  • Spanish for foreigners: respect for each person’s own cultural identity and country goes hand in hand with learning other languages and values, it helps to eliminate barriers in an extremely beneficial linguistic exchange with our young people from the Erasmus + Program.

  • Literacy for immigrants: starting a new life in a country different from your own, and in some cases being a minor, without proper documentation and/or family for many different reasons, can be very difficult and can lead to poor decision making. This benefits those who have not had other options, building bridges by means of knowledge and acquisition of the basics of our language.

  • Circus School: develop your artistic side and contribute your knowledge to enable the acquisition of professional skills for young people at risk of exclusion.

  • “Unocine” Cinema School: promote creative expression and contribute to a project that makes our stories visible.

  • The “La Golondrina Sayaguesa” Cooperative: a more sustainable world is becoming increasingly necessary, offer your services and revitalize the most traditional tasks of the rural world.

  • “Las Dunas” Wildlife Reception Centre + Centre for the Unrecoverable: to empathize with the suffering of other beings, not only human, allows us to grow more humanely and responsibly, this is in your hands.

  • WEB upkeep and IT support: to be visible on social networks is a must in order to publicise the activities that are carried out on a daily basis in our organisation and to explain our proposals to the world, in addition, on many occasions, office equipment also serves as a special reminder of this. Feel useful by contributing your know-how.

  • Emancipation: accompany our young people in their day-to-day life and support them in their daily management of their personal growth.

  • ‘Filling Schools’ (Morocco): to improve the situation of those who do not have equal opportunities, respecting their cultural identity, contribute with your knowledge and your work.

  • Club Deportivo: the values transmitted through the practice of sports are synonymous with a society in continuous progress through effort and perseverance, while also providing us with healthy leisure time.