At Casa-Escuela Santiago Uno, we are accredited as an Organisation of Hosting, Dispatching and Coordinating Projects and European Volunteering Services (EVS) since 2012 (renewed in 2016). Accreditation number: 2016-1-ES02-KA110-008584 (valid until 2020).

The first European Volunteering Service was developed during the 2013-2014 academic year and since then every year has hosted European volunteers from various Member States of the European Union.

The project aims to be an Open School for the integration of young people with fewer opportunities, including young Europeans at every stage of this educational, social and therapeutic proposal.

So far, Germany, Italy and Poland have all been the countries with which stable synergies have been generated, with the opportunity to generate new ones with the recent creation of the European Solidarity Corps.

The entity welcomes three volunteers simultaneously from various associations and therefore from various countries. A long-term European Volunteering Service is being planned, lasting 10 months and adjusted to the start and end of the school year.

Open school aimed at integration of young people with fewer opportunities

The aim is to share this motto with those European partners with whom we have collaborated from the beginning and that the volunteers who have passed and will go through this entity will help spread in their home countries.

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