“Non-formal education” is not the term we like best. Don Milani called it Dopoescuela, in other words, what comes after school. For Paulo Freire it would be the opposite of Banking Education. For Gardner, this would mean discovering and working on multiple intelligences. For the Palo Alto Constructivist School, the positive exception, the place to start building and redefining dreams. For MIT in Massachusetts, the full connection with what you are doing, where attention goes hand in hand with intention, in turn matching the heart. For Jesus Christ, deep neighbourly love which includes recognising the gifts that have been given to each one of us… In fact, the term “non-formal” no longer refers even to documentation, as all processes are quality certified by the ISO 9001 and recognised by EFQM 4 star. For us it is the tool that allows us to be who we are, working on the emotions that dreams exude when you live together with these real kids, and the humility of facing our destiny together, coming from different situations.

Travelling Vocational Training School

Equine-assisted therapy

Travelling school

Arts workshops: painting, photography and pottery

School of theatre and puppetry

Sports club