We develop several programmes to reintegrate young people with fewer opportunities into society via individual programmes with which they can choose
their own way to rejoin themselves.

Our house aimed preferably at the «last ones» and those who understand that diversity enriches.

We contribute to a model of person who likes to do GOOD without conditions, who knows how to live in simplicity and austerity. Having obtained a true culture, they become socially committed, acquire responsibility at work and achieve a critical spirit.

We want that, having started from a disadvantaged situation, they integrate with dignity in society, without being ashamed of their origin, and becoming an
active element to help other people who start from a similar situation.

Here we coexist, among others, a Christian and a Muslim community, sharing and enriching each other.

They believe in our methodology, and feel confident about it, therefore, 20% of workers to date were students in our school.

We manage 150 youngsters in our protected houses and our schools have more than 600 students.