Individualized Therapeutic Intervention Plan for cases of child-to-parent violence

Targeted Therapeutic Sessions

Between 5 and 10 sessions with Third Generation Therapies based on the Systemic-Constructivist Approach. Focused on Planned Solutions and directed by a team of qualified professionals:
1st Session with parents/family members and youth in question
2nd Session Planning short- and medium-term objectives. Defining achievable personal goals and developing dreams.
3rd Session Planning weekend home-visits. Possibility of a therapeutic treatment with subsequent outcome evaluation and analysis of difficulties encountered, ineffective solutions attempted and exceptions.
4th Session Halfway evaluation. Between 1 and 5 sessions. One-to-one and with family members. Therapeutic support, development of goals specific to this phase of the process and assessment of achievements.
5th Session Closing, Reinforcement, Continuity and Relapse Prevention. Crisis Support/Advice, in case of occurrence. Follow-up session: non-face-to-face.

School Support Plan

With a view to making the most of all the formal training resources we offer, from Vocational Training, Ecyl and the Animation School.

Learn to Take Care of Yourself Scheme

It includes monitoring supported by the Validating Emotional Bonding Theory, customized healthy habits, attention to what we eat with a personalized and group nutrition program, physical activity and sport with the Club Deportivo, rest and Mindfulness practice for emotional adjustment and stress management.


Drawing, language lessons with European Volunteers and Targeted Studies distributed by age and level. With specific sections in each discipline to increase the resources of young people in the management of violence such as Psychodrama recorded in Film and Theatre, creating their own sociological frame of reference from clay work or working on self-esteem and emotions through art

Emancipation Project

It includes first job, tutored emancipation floor and accompanying bureaucratic procedures.

RED Volunteering Service

From the entity itself we manage a Wild Animal Recovery Center and an Environmental Education Center, a Shelter for undocumented migrants, and several projects of Ecological Production and Construction.

0 Drugs Itinerary

Based on the Transtheoretical Model of Change, with 10 sessions that include therapies, weekly analysis and a Detoxification Unit for a month-long stay in a village in the Sierra de Salamanca

Work as a development assistant in the South of Morocco

During the 2 months of Summer, with 5 places available for young people who follow this itinerary.


With the Dual Pathology Department of Psychiatry of the Hospital Clínico de Salamanca, with a monthly follow-up of cases in which there is toxic consumption behind the attacks.

Continued training

From Educators and the Technical Team with individualized courses in an institutional setting, such as the Regional Government of Castilla and León, and others of a private nature promoted by the Association of Educators Casa Escuela Santiago Uno.