The entityCasa–Escuelas Pías Santiago Uno, Tax Identification Number (CIF) R-3700068-D, is registered in Social Services of the Regional Government of Castilla and León with the number 37.02.0020E. It acts as the main headquarters and serves as a residence for young people in need. Seven Housing Homes belong to the organisation: six in Salamanca (three in the capital, one in Aldeatejada, one in Cabrerizos, and one in Santa Marta de Tormes), and a seventh in León. Five of them provide care for children referred by the Child Protection Service of the Regional Government of Castilla and León. The remaining ones are dedicated to the therapeutic internment and compliance with judicial measures for young offenders imposed by the Juvenile Courts of Castilla and León.

Academically, our entity offers a Basic Vocational Training Cycle in Catering and a Higher Level Training Cycle in Social Integration Technician. In co-ordination with secondary schools, we run an Alternative Classroom, which covers the learning process of young people who do not meet the requirements for Basic Vocational Education and Training and who can thus gain access to this education at a later stage.

It also includes the Rural Development Programme, through the eco-social cooperative La Golondrina Sayaguesa and the Travelling Vocational Training School in villages in the province of Salamanca.

This institution also holds the ownership of the Centro Privado Integrado de Formación Profesional Lorenzo Milani (CIF 37008394), which offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level Vocational Training Courses, Programmes for the Unemployed, F.O.D. Plan Courses and On-Line Training in fields related to the Professional Categories of Agriculture, Mechanical Manufacturing and Vehicle Maintenance.

The Gardening Centre Lorenzo Milani, as a company in the agricultural sector (CIF V-37061082) belongs to this ownership and provides employment for young people and/or immigrants coming from social exclusion.

Also under this ownership is the Lorenzo Milani Environmental Education Centre (Wild Animal Recovery Centre “Las Dunas” and Centre for Unrecoverable Animals), registration number ES370670000035.

Included in the first one is the Asociación Entidad Prestadora de Servicios a la Juventud Casa Escuela Santiago Uno (CIF G-37026135) which hosts the Erasmus+ European Volunteer Programme.

The students have have at their disposition theStudent Association Santiago Uno (CIF G-37365921) where they organise cultural activities and manage how to raise funds for them.

It is registered as a Development Cooperation Agent, by Order Nº SA-20100002, carrying out Workcamps and the “Filling Schools in Morocco” Project.

It is also registered in the Regional Register of Volunteer Entities of the Regional Government of Castilla and León in the sector of social action and social services, under number A-0049.

It has been accredited by the Regional Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities of the Regional Government of Castilla and León as a Therapeutic Community since the 18th of May 2006, in accordance with the Order FAM/807/2006, 3rd of May, approving Centres and Services for the Care of Drug Addicts, and in accordance with the provisions of Order 30th of May 1988, this reputation was renewed on 28th of June 2018.

Furthermore, the institution is accredited by the Regional Council of Family and Equal Opportunities as a School of Youth Promotion and Free Time and is registered in the Registry Book of Schools of Animation and Free Time of the Community of Castilla and León under the number 108.

The entity is also registered and accredited in the Registry of Offices and Entities of Vocational Training For Employment in Castilla and León with the number HOM/37/2014/78.

The organisation expresses itself artistically through the Santiago Uno Circus School, the Unocine Film SchoolPupazziell Puppetsand Santiagueros Radio.

Lastly, the entity is also accredited as a Club Deportivo, with Registration No. 11076 on 19 October 2012, in the modalities of basketball, football and volleyball.

Following certain strategic guidelines on quality, this organisational chart aims to channel resources efficiently with the intention of serving the most disadvantaged families in this society and especially abused or mistreated minors. We manage real alternatives for education and positive integration in a world where not everyone has the same opportunities.