Leading does not mean distancing oneself from the students, but the opposite

The Technical-Educational Team of the Home and School is made up of a wide range of interdisciplinary professionals, along almost horizontal hierarchical organisation. We take into account the importance of working towards a common goal, without underestimating the tasks that each person carries out. The vital experience of each educator, and what they can individually contribute, take up special relevance.

The Management Team, taking as a reference the structure set out in an inverse organizational pyramid, maintains close contact with children and families, as it understands that managing does not imply distancing oneself from them, but the opposite.

  • Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Home Housing Directors, Manager, Coordinators and Secretary.

  • Teachers, Pedagogues, Psychologists, Social Educators, Social Workers, Engineers, Biologists, Leisure and Free Time Workshop Instructors, Carers

  • Cooks, Maintenance and Cleaning Staff.

  • Volunteers.

  • University students and students of the Sociocultural Promotion course, experts in sociocultural activities (TASOC) with an Internship Agreement