30 % of our staff are former students.

The greatest value of our formal education is the people it empowers. Very young people who were taken out of the system and are now re-engaging, strongly. So much so that 30% of our staff are former students, 90% successfully complete their internships, of which more than 50% end up working there or in other companies of the sector.

The connectivity of all the cycles is total, that is to say, when you finish basic vocational training you can obtain the secondary education certificate as well as the title of Vocational Training. You can choose the mid-level vocational training course you want regardless of the speciality you previously studied. When you finish an mid-level vocational training course, you can go on to any higher level course you want. There may be some limitations: if there are no available vacancies, if there are extra official stipulations such as points regarding speciality, grades…

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