At the Entity we have different Houses, in which an educational team, minor, young people in the emancipation process or migrants live together.

Private residence Casa Escuela Santiago Uno

This is the House where the project began 50 years ago. The main Home, the house of reference. It is home to boys and girls who temporarily or permanently have to leave their families due a variety of problems that hinder their adequate behavioural, cognitive and emotional development. Thus offering them places of residence, which can be accessed by filling out the registration form beforehand.

Child Protection Housing

It is a home to children and young people who are subject to child protective proceedings due to their domestic situations.

Casa Escuela Santiago Dos.
Casa Escuela Santiago Cuatro.
Casa Escuela Santiago Cinco.
Casas Escuela Santiago Siete
Casa Escuela Betania

Housing for the fulfilment of judicial measures

It is a home to children and young people who are in compliance with a judicial measure.

Casa Escuela Santiago Tres.
Casa Escuela Santiago Seis.

Emancipation Flat

Here young people who have a previous experience in the Casa live together and who, when they reach the legal age of adulthood, need support to continue with their individual itinerary.

Second chance flat

It is a further step towards emancipation, here the cohabitants are not only of legal age, but are also in charge of tutoring each other, generating a resource of greater independence than the previous one.

Home for migrants

Young migrants live here with the aim of re-entering the socio-labour system, providing support to be able to continue their education and at the same time carry out various jobs.

In addition to the housing there are other communal areas where different activities can be carried out,

Multipurpose Hall of Santiago Uno, a versatile space for circus techniques, performances, sports, training sessions, etc. ….

C.F.P.I Lorenzo Milani, where in addition to the classrooms we have open spaces for sports and activities related to the natural environment.

In this same space we have the Environmental Education Centre managed with the participation of young people.

Betania, has a classroom and hostel space used for the Leisure and Free Time School.