We are a compensatory school.
We devote more time to those who need it most.


At our home, we preferably cater to the “last ones” and to those who understand that diversity enriches us.

We contribute to the type of person who likes to do GOOD without conditions, who knows how to be happy living in austerity. Whom having obtained a true culture, becomes socially committed, acquires responsibility at work and achieves a critical mind.

Having started from a disadvantaged situation, we want them to be integrated into society with dignity, without feeling ashamed of their background, and to become an active factor in helping others who come from a similar situation.

We are a Christian and Muslim community – amongst others – living together, sharing and enriching one another.


We are happy to present the official book of the Home and School: ‘Con permiso de los adolescentes’. Día a día en la Casa Escuela Santiago Uno’ (With the teenagers’ permission. Day-to-day life at Casa Escuela Santiago Uno), written by our director, Jesús Garrote. As he himself explains, it is a publication that is the result of the collective work that educators, children and “fellow travellers” have been sharing for the last 20 years.

We aim to be a space of coexistence and cultural exchange, where respect is the backbone. Our project ‘Filling Schools’ was the winner of the 2nd Edition of the Telefónica Foundation’s Volunteering Awards, which aims to identify and promote the best volunteer initiatives in Spain.